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Misha's Ark is a trustworthy, very reliable and compassionate, pet sitting service. I have entrusted her on several occasions with my kids (dogs, cats & birds) and was always totally happy with the care and personal attention they received. In fact, our one cat has a crush on her. We leave for extended periods (weeks) and leaving our kids in the home cared for by Misha is the most loving way to care for them while we are away. 

~Thomas McMahon of McMahon's Contracting

Misha Fredericks has been our dog sitter for the last 8+ years. We feel so incredibly fortunate to have connected with her when we were looking for someone to stay in our home with our first dog, Bogie, when we traveled on vacation. Ever since that experience when we arrived home after being away for 10 days to find a happy and incredibly well-cared for dog who didn't want his dog sitter to leave, we have only called Misha. She is incredibly kind, compassionate, and capable. She also has a true connection with animals and understands their needs and behaviors.

Misha just finished 11 days of pet sitting with our newest dog, Ellie, and as usual, all went exceptionally well. Thanks to Misha, we never worry when we travel, and we are grateful to her for the high-level of care she provides. She is an exceptionally gifted person.

 ~Martha W.


Misha has been helping us with our two elderly, ailing cats for four years and has been reliable, competent and caring. The cats love her, and come out of hiding to greet her when she comes in the door. While we were away for several weeks one of the cats was very sick. She took him to the vet, devised a feeding plan for him, and brought him back from the brink. I recommend her highly.

~Ingrid H.


We have been relying on Misha to petsit our cats since 2010. She goes above and beyond, is 100% reliable and responsive, and spends time playing with the cats. Her love of animals really comes through...last time we were away she sent me a video of my cat Stanley playing. It's great to have such peace of mind while away from home.

~Lisa W.


I have been using Misha to take care of my cats and dogs for almost 2 years and I can't speak highly enough about her. Not only is she reliable and trustworthy, but she is really knowledgeable and truly loves animals.

 ~Janet P.


Misha was wonderful caring for my cats while I was away on many different trips over several years. She has also continued to send me valuable info about helpful hints for cat care via email. I would highly recommend Misha's Ark Petting Service to all animal parents.



Misha is the dog walker extraordinaire of the New Paltz area- cares for our two greyhounds and indulges all of their idiosyncrasies!

~Susan B.


Misha has been taking care of our two Maine Coon cats for a few years now when we travel. She is extraordinarily competent, calm and resourceful and responsible. This past winter she worked with our veterinarian, with our authorization, to nurse them back from a food-related illness and she stayed in touch with us throughout the process. We never hesitate to trust her to do the right thing.

~Marlene G.


Misha is kind and gentle with my bunny, Butter and very knowledgeable about all manner of pets, including house bunnies. I don't go out of town much, but when I do, I'm so glad her service is available. I have total confidence in her.

~Michelle S.


Misha has been caring for my dog since we got him as a puppy. Just the mention of her name causes him to wag his tail and bark excitedly in delight. She is a gentle sweet person and the animals seem to know they have a friend in her. I feel lucky to have her when I need to be away.

~Nancy C.


Misha is beyond awesome. Rather more of a competent, energetic and knowledgeable angel than your typical animal-loving human. She has taken care of my elderly, stumbling 14 year old 75 pound Black Lab mix, including during three of his vet emergencies due to complex, challenging conditions. I would say she literally saved his life, my back, and my sanity, by going the extra 30 miles to scour five stores in the area until finding the harness big enough and built right to stabilize my dog when he was stricken with vestibular disease. Misha is timely, a great communicator, and a generous soul. It's not possible to praise her enough.

~Iris B.


Misha is a wonderful petsitter and also a lovely person. She clearly loves animals and has a big heart. She's also reliable and takes her work seriously. A real asset to our community.

~Gail F.


Whether we go away and are unable to bring our kids (aka dogs!) with us or we have to work overtime and can't be home to walk or feed them, we can be assured that they are in the best of hands and are receiving lots of love, attention and affection when Misha is taking care of them. She sends us pictures and video clips and is always quick to respond when we check up on them. It's truly peace of mind knowing that they are with her when we cannot be.

~Laura W.


Misha is great! Very responsive and reliable. She's been able to help me with my two dogs on a regular basis - and for a number of last minute emergencies. The cost of her services is very reasonable as well. She has even been able to refer me to another dog sitter on a rare occasion when she was not able to take care of the dogs.

~Peter D.


Misha has been letting our dog out rain, snow & sleet. She has never missed a walk and occasionally has even had to shovel her way to the front door. I wouldn't use anyone else. Not only is she great with our dog, but she also takes care of my farm animals as well.

~Billiam V.


Misha has been taking care of our kitties, Eli and Boomer, for the past year. She treats our kitties like they are her own even bringing toys for them to enjoy! We really depend on her when we are away and trust she is caring for our cats. I would recommend Misha to anyone.

~Laurie H.


Misha is great with animals! I highly recommend her. She is very caring and sensitive. She is trustworthy and good with whatever specific care needs your pet requires.

~Kate J.


Misha is responsible, reliable, and its obvious she spends quality time with my kitties. They are always so happy to see her and never stressed when I come home. Buddy needs twice-daily insulin injections and Misha is always calm, capable, and administers all the special care and attention he needs.  I can't thank Misha enough for being such a great pet sitter - and for being a wonderful person all around. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs a pet sitter.

~Celeste C.


We all love her! When I tell my dogs that Misha is coming to babysit they get so excited they start heading for the driveway. Old Brutis gets bummed out if he doesn't see her in a while so I call her to let her know. She makes time out of her day to stop in and see him.

~DeAnna C.


I think Sandy, my cat, prefers to be Misha's cat any day. Misha is the best pet sitter I ever have because she is responsible, dependable, and her rate is reasonable. Misha has provided both long-term (1 month) and short-term (a few days) service for me. When I was away for a month, Misha sent me a video clip of Sandy so I would not be worried about her too much. It was very nice of Misha to go above and beyond what other pet sitters do. I strongly recommend Misha with my greatest confidence.

~Napatsorn J.


Misha cares for our two cats and our dog. The dog, usually aloof, responds very well to her and the cats, who are both sick and old, are well cared for. She is extremely reliable and very caring for animals and people alike.

~Jim G.


Reliable, delightful, and the dogs love her, too!

~Susan B.


Misha supersedes outstanding! She is an outstanding person. Much to be loved and appreciated. And she applies these attributes to her pet sitting. Also her knowledge is unsurpassed. We marvel at her love for our pet cat. We feel absolutely secure and happy when our pet cat and house is in Misha's care.

~Joe Coach O.


A friend recommended Misha, and we are so glad she did. Our cat loves Misha, and so do we! Maysie often stays hidden when a stranger comes in, but she took to Misha right away. Misha is dependable and follows directions well. She prefers to know as many details as possible about your pet and how you do things in your home. She engages your pet in play and will bring different toys. She even brought a peacock feather this past Christmas for Maysie! We would highly recommend Misha for anyone who needs a pet sitter.

~Robi J.



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